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Our goal is to help you succeed

Brand Philosophy

Pilates in Common tailors Classical Pilates exercise to fit your needs. We teach result driven movement you can use today to understand your body’s function, heal chronic pains, and to move from a place of deep strength.

We apply a blended learning approach with in-person and online sessions to maximize your benefit of Pilates. Our physical studio is equipped with Gratz equipment, while our robust client platform allows you to access customizes videos and manage all your schedule and billing needs in one place.

Brand Story

We are a women-owned cooperative in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. Our cost of doing business is shared, profits are returned directly to the teachers, and decisions are made democratically - one teacher, one vote.

We are building a sustainable business model that connects Pilates experts with opportunity. Through cooperation, we help teachers to grow a business, not teach a schedule. Our goal is to advance the cultural and economic interests of the Pilates industry by focusing on the commonwealth of teachers.

Pilates in Common is 100% for the teacher so that the teacher can be 100% for their students.

We believe that when teachers truly profit off their unique gift, cooperative participation will grow, and our community will strengthen. Teachers will have the means to invest in their future (e.g., traditional employee benefits), and have the freedom to be better leaders for their students. Pilates in Common is more than a studio. We are an exercise in ownership, accountability, and autonomy. We decide what is best for our future and together we make the investment.

Happiness is linked to your physical well being

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