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Our Goal

The heart of our approach to business and teaching Pilates is a person centered, results-driven experience. We believe everyone deserves  access to information that heals and access to the support required to understand the body’s movement patterns to promote an overall better quality of life. 

As teachers, we believe Pilates exercises restore your body to its normal function. Chronic pains, bad posture, weak circulation, inflexibility (joint mobility), and loss of muscle endurance are symptoms of modern life. Whether it’s through a Pilates class, working in the Pilates studio on the reformer,  or Pilates at home with us guiding you virtually,  we’ll help you recognize your body’s strengths and also the weaknesses that hold you back in your sport, craft, and life. 

Your injury, your story, your movement history are like little rocks you carry around with you daily. Guaranteed, some rocks feel heavier than others. Pilates helps you identify the heavy rocks so you carry them with grace.

How we Teach (it's 50/50)

We use Classical Pilates exercises to help you learn about your body’s specific needs. Our number one goal is for you to feel confident to be your own teacher.  We will help you develop tools and techniques to be able to address your bodily concerns and to self correct faulty movement patterns in real time. 

We ask you to show up fully to each session - our style is more conversational than instructional. We’ll help you develop your own unique language to describe what you are feeling during movement while teaching you anatomy and basic biomechanics so you can better communicate with your doctor, chiropractic, PT, acupuncturist, etc. 

Each student will receive specific “homework” to do regularly outside of their session. We recommend that students keep a movement notebook to track progress with “homework” exercises, log levels of discomfort and note triggers, record additional exercise done, or commemorate  wins. Don’t worry we’re here to guide you. Our teachers don’t just teach an exercise sequence but tools to help you take control of your health. 

What you get out of this work is dependent on what you put it - nothing more, nothing less.

The Studio

We are a Classical Pilates studio equipped with Gratz equipment in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission District. We teach the original work of Joseph Pilates with a modern spin. Our services include private sessions both online and in-studio, as well as weekly Livestream Classical Pilates mat classes.

Your Teachers

Keegan Hafner

Keegan Hafner

Co-Founder, Teacher-Owner

Keegan has been compassionately teaching Pilates for over 18 years. Her patience and wit combined with methodical instruction have cultivated a loyal following of students. She dances the French Can-Can with troupe Le Cancan Bijou, sews ridiculously intricate costumes, and enjoys even nerdier hobbies outside the studio.

Mollie Rose

Mollie Rose

Co-Founder, Teacher-Owner

Mollie Rose is a genie found in the body of a Pilates teacher. Her intuitive approach to teaching is sought after by students rehabilitating from injury to Pilates teachers deepening their understanding of movement. She loves to recharge at home with her cats, just as much as she loves adventures abroad.

Nicole Lancie

Nicole Lancie

Co-Founder, Teacher-Owner

Nicole is a health enthusiast who will unlock your inner superhero. Her inspirational teaching helps students safely push through boundaries to achieve higher performance levels and pain-free movement. In addition to Pilates and all things wellness, Nicole studies Krav Maga and is in an eternal pursuit for the perfect outfit.

Destinie Slavich

Destinie Slavich


Destinie is a nurturer. Four years on UCLA’s Division-I rowing team left her with chronic pain but ignited an unstoppable appetite to lead a pain-free life. Keenly observant with a friendly demeanor, she’ll communicate her ideas in ways that will get you excited. At the end of the day, you can find her de-stressing in the kitchen with a Paleo cookbook.

Our Story

Pilates in Common was bred out of necessity. We got into this business to help others but realized we needed to help ourselves as well. Teaching Pilates isn’t glamorous work: it can be emotionally draining, lonely, and challenging to make enough money to contribute to retirement or secure quality healthcare. Statistically, few teachers are able to make Pilates a viable career without the financial support from a partner. We knew that had to change. 

In 2018 we formed Pilates in Common, a women-owned workers cooperative in San Francisco Bay Area. We are on a mission to move our industry away from independent contractor solos and towards employment and employee-ownership.  We are paving the way for Pilates teachers to be able to support themselves financially and build a business in equitable partnership with others. 

Through cooperation we are able to share clientele, gross higher revenue, provide employee benefits, share the responsibility of business ownership, and return annual profits to our teachers. Pilates in Common is 100% for the teachers so that the teachers can be 100% for their students. 

If you are interested in joining our team or would like to learn how to start your own teaching cooperative, please contact hello@pilatesincommon.com.

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