When the world changes, it’s easy to feel stressed

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We’re happy to see you

We know it can be intimidating to start something new. Pilates in Common is warm, unpretentious and friendly so you’re free to come as you are. We believe the best training always occurs when you feel comfortable and safe.

Learn tools to help you become your wisest teacher

You deserve access to information that heals. We can teach you how to: prevent and resolve chronic pain, increase joint mobility, improve muscle endurance, and understand your body’s movement patterns so that you can improve your overall quality of life.

We’re experts who are easy to understand - we speak human

We use metaphors to help you feel correct biomechanics, and straight-forward explanations to help you understand the nuts and bolts of your body. The body is complex so we’ll take the time to explain your weak links and how they relate to your goals or pains. For us, ownership over information yields the best results, both in and out of the studio.

Fitness with longevity in mind

We live in an era where exercise has become a novelty. Workouts need to be cheap, on-demand and promise quick “results.” But exercise is not novel. Exercise is necessary to restore your body to its normal function. Pilates in Common will teach you how to move intelligently and apply what you learn in the studio to your sport, craft, and life.

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