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Description of Services

Single Session
(50 mins)

All about your needs and goals. We’ll spend time unpacking your movement patterns so that you can safely progress towards full body health and perform at your highest level. Progress happens both in and out of the studio. You’ll be equipped with the tools to practice at home to accelerate your progress.

Half Session
(25 mins)

All the perks of a Single session, only bite size to fit a busy schedule or fixed budget.

Double Session
(2 students, 50 mins)

For you and a friend, partner or peer. You might work more independently on different apparatus versus in tandem like you would in a traditional class. Our end goal is the same: for you to gain awareness of your weak links so that you can uniformly strengthen your body.

Open Studio
(3-4 students, 50mins)

You’ll work independently with a little extra support from us. An informal setting to allow you to ask technical questions, discuss movement, learn how to structure your own workout while you stay you accountable to your Pilates practice. There’s no shortage of personalized cues, just more time to digest material and move at your own pace.

Independent Workout

Workout like a Pilates teacher. Take everything you have learned from Private sessions and Open Studio and apply your know-how toward a self-guided practice. You are your wisest teacher. Visit our FAQs for more details.

Mat Class
(Up to 4 students, 50mins)

Intermediate level class on Saturday at noon. This class will move so prior knowledge of the classical mat order is required.

Pilates Teachers, Trainees and Allied Health Professionals

It takes a village; and we know you work hard to help others. We’d like to extend a professional discount. Receive Tier 2 session rates without a subscription.
Just email hello@pilatesincommon with your website or business card.

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